Things i love

I am just a short adventurous girl with her camera who loves to capture special moments. I became obsessed with photography thanks to my mom whose photography was her hobby. If I am not capturing love moments during daylight then I am capturing rock bands during night time. I am a family oriented girl, if I am not taking photographs then you'll catch me playing board games or adventuring with my family. I love massaman pineapple curry and tacos!!! I like learning about cultures, traditions, and art. My ultimate favorite artist is Frida Kahlo, her love story is one to remember. I relish museums, walks during summer nights around downtown, hikes, coconut ice cream, and life itself. 

sweet friends



beach waves


reading books


gorgeous florals


hikes & nature

chica fur baby

My philosophy towards my work in photography and my why was created based on my own life experiences. Experiences that are connected to the world, love, moments, family, and society through capturing life moments. My mom taught me without knowing, the importance of capturing moments that live for a lifetime. She would take pictures of my siblings and me every chance she had. We have a box ( I call it my treasure box ) in my hometown full of printed images of us since we were little, until we migrated to the United States. Every time I go back home, I HAVE to see the photos even though I have seen them a hundred times. Why? because it brings back those emotions and feelings of very happy moments we created back in time.

Photography is very powerful and it would mean so much to me if I could create those lovely moments forever. If I could tell your story without speaking and just seeing. Magical moments like your wedding are meant to be beautifully captured. Enchanting weddings are made of luminous moments and connections. And this is what your wedding is all about.

“So, i love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.”